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Image copyrights BAM Civiel, Holland

IfcQuay is a model that is developed for “Havenbedrijf Rotterdam” as part of the 3DSI pilot project. The project aims on enhancing the information structure of the harbor. Where HBr is using 2D maps for everything now, they want to have and information system in the future that is based on 3D and open standards.

Therefore they want to be leading in means of information handling and are focussing on trending and upcoming standards like BIM and IFC. Two topics of information that they want to test drive this system on are the Quay Walls and Cables & Pipes.

Led by┬áDr. Dipl.-Ing. J. Beetz I created an IFC model of Quays based on information from HBr and ” Handbook Quay Walls”.


IfcQuay documentation

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